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The hauntingly beautiful sounds of the bowls – some as deep and sonorous as the ocean, others as high and clear as birdsong – immerse the body in healing vibrations which clear dissonance and blockages from the biofield and raise its frequency. At the same time, the mind is quieted by the gently shifting soundscape and enters a state of meditation; this 'relaxation response' encourages the breathing rate to slow and the muscles to relax, letting the body drop into a restorative state of being which overrides the stress and reactivity caused by fast-paced, modern living. A crystal singing bowl soundbath leaves you relaxed and harmonised, grounded and uplifted. The relaxation can continue for some time.

If you would like to have a soundbath in my beautiful sound therapy centre in the Kent countryside, please contact me via email. A standard, one-to-one soundbath session lasts an hour and costs £60. There is a different group rate.

From time to time, I will put on soundbaths events at local venues. If you would like to be notified about such events, please let me know. 

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