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Energy healing operates from the simple yet profound principle that everything is energy, therefore working within a person’s energy field is a highly effective way to clear distortions and information that are being expressed as disharmony and/or disease. For true healing is not simply about ‘removing’ the symptoms of disease – be they mental or physical – but about coming into wholeness. This is the foundation of all wellness: the understanding that there is far more to us than the physical selves we perceive. The energy fields that surround our bodies are recorders of everything that has happened in our lives and our physical bodies are reflections of this information: yesterday’s thoughts may find themselves at the centre of tomorrow’s illness. Once we make the shift into seeing ourselves as energetic beings, then we can work from the heart of ‘matter’: the energy field.

I am an intuitive healer and I work with several healing modalities. A session typically lasts 90 minutes and opens with an indepth intuitive reading of your energy field, sharing any relevant information and guidance that comes through. This process in and of itself brings a lot of light into the energy field. After this is complete, I carry out energy healing.

Tao Healing Hands Technology is a powerful energy-healing practice that can bring profound transformation. A very high frequency light – for all energy is light – communicates directly with the client’s soul, bypassing any unconscious resistance in the mind. This technology can be used for healing not only the physical body but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, including the soul houses, energy chakras, meridian and acupuncture points. Tao Healing Hands Technology can boost energy, stamina, vitality and immunity, relieve anxiety and stress, and can also ease friction and bring about deep shifts in relationships. It is also a wonderful practice for bringing ease and flow to other aspects of our lives – from the energy in our homes and gardens to our businesses and finances. Our pets can also receive Tao blessings.

Lightbody Healing I also work with divine light and the angelic realm in a profoundly beautiful and very ancient Essene energy healing practice. 


Mentorship I have devoted many years to my spiritual journey and am able to provide guidance and mentorship for those who are also on the spiritual path. I am also a fully qualified meditation teacher.

Sessions can take place either in person in my sound healing studio here in Kent or via Zoom, for which you will receive a recording. The exchange for a session is £77.

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