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'Jo is an intuitive and highly effective sound healer. Her calm manner immediately put me at ease and I found myself deeply transfixed by the magical sounds of the singing bowls and in a deep meditative state without even trying. After the session I felt refreshed and balanced. I would highly recommend a sound healing with Jo to anyone who is in need of deep relaxation and a chance to reconnect with their inner self.'

'I've had two sound healing sessions with Jo in her lovely healing studio. The sessions were amazing. She unblocked several chakras which led to a huge heart chakra opening and I felt really connected to everything and was floating in a bubble of love. I can’t wait to have another session. Thank you, Jo' 

'The crystal singing bowls are incredible. The sounds they make are so different to anything I've heard before and I quickly felt myself drift into a really deep state of relaxation, which was great because I came to see Jo because my stress levels were very high. I could feel the sounds washing over me like the sea and I didn't want the session to end. She seemed to know exactly where to work on me and I'm really grateful because my stress has not returned to anywhere near the level it was at and the session was three weeks ago. If it does, I'll be back for another tune-up! I highly recommend Jo and what a great studio!' 


'Jo made me feel very welcome. The atmosphere in the candlelit healing room was very relaxing. I very much enjoyed the whole crystal bowl healing experience. It was very soothing and felt like I was wrapped up in cotton wool, I would definitely recommend!' 


'Jo is my go-to 'healer' now. It's a great feeling that you can go to someone when you need support -- mental, emotional, physical or spiritual -- and you come out of it excited about where you are headed. Afterwards I feel illuminated and get so much information as I watch my system upgrade. It's so nice to find someone so advanced and lovely who is willing to walk with you on your journey. Each session I have felt that my system took a large leap, while effortlessly held in love...'

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