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My sound therapy centre sits beside a lake in the middle of a beautiful garden in the Kent countryside. I have created a welcoming, peaceful space for you to experience the profoundly healing nature of crystal sound therapy.

This innovative therapy uses specific techniques to bring release, balance and harmony to the electromagnetic field and chakra system, whilst stimulating the mind and body’s abilities to heal themselves.

Memories, traumas, conditioning and patterns of behaviour – the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves – are located within a biofield which surrounds and interpenetrates the body. All disease and disharmony begins here and is later expressed in the physical. Just as ultrasonic therapy is used to break up kidney stones so that the body can flush them out, crystal sound waves act as ‘disrupters’ to break up and clear disturbances, held in the form of contracted, restricted or stagnant energy, from the biofield, returning it to a state of cohesion and harmony which induces well-being.

This deeply transformative healing modality can be effective for:

  • bringing pain relief to specific areas of the body;

  • treating stress and anxiety;

  • clearing imbalances from the interconnected chakra and endocrine systems;

  • clearing trauma from the biofield;

  • clearing conditioning and unhelpful storylines from our biofield;

  • inducing deep states of relaxation;

  • introducing us to the profoundly loving energy that is available to us in every moment;

  • creating a heartfelt connection to the planet and the cosmos,

  • and awakening us to our true natures.


Use the email contact form to book a one-to-one healing session with me – we can discuss your needs by email or telephone. The first session lasts one and a half hours, subsequent sessions last one and a quarter hours. My fee is £65. 


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